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What is WebTerritory?

WebTerritory provides custom web services such as:

  • Custom Web Hosting (no cookie cutter here)
    • Need special hosting features for your site? WebTerritory can set-up a single hosted site all the way to dedicated server featuring whatever tools and resources your site needs.
    • WebTerritory also provides migration services – You need it moved with minimum downtime? With virtually no downtime, we do that.

    Note: If you have a Business, Organization, Service in Northwestern Ontario (807area), please follow this link.

  • CMS Installations (Content Management System)
    • Still building your site manually? Choose a CMS (WordPress recommended) and we install it and configure it to your needs.
    • Also we can migrate from some CMS systems to other CMS systems and/or import existing content to a CMS.
  • Website Updates
    • Your business will likely grow and/or experience changes in the future, thus your website will too. Need something changed or added to your CMS or to your site content itself? You would normally handle the day-to-day stuff, however if it is something just outside your scope or routine then let us handle it for you.
  • Consulting and Ongoing Support
    • Not sure what the next step is or something did not go as planned? WebTerritory is here to help you to get back to doing what you do best, running your business.

Please contact WebTerritory for further information.

BTW: WebTerritory is also the parent company of all the web services/projects listed below. We are looking for partners to manage our web properties, if interested please use this site’s contact form.

  • 807area.ca (807area)

    • NW Ontario Regional Showcase – The crown jewel of WebTerritory’s internet properties providing a web presence for local/small/home based businesses/organizations.
  • 807.events or NWO.events (807events)
    • Part of the 807area website, managed separately from the rest of the main site.
  • ThunderBayEvents.ca (Thunder Bay Events)
    • Also part of the 807area website, managed separately from the rest of the main site and features only Thunder Bay area events.
  • 807.directory (807directory)
    • A full featured on-line directory with images, maps and searchable profiles for businesses/organization in the NW Ontario area.
  • 807.social or nwo.social (807social)
    • A social site for people in North Western Ontario, if looking for friends to hang with, activity partners, or something more, then sign-up on this site. This site is NEW, and the first 100 people to sign-up will get to try the paid services for free.
  • BOSSdirectory.ca (B.O.S.S. Directory)
    • Similar to 807.directory however the scope is all of Canada (not just North West Ontario).
  • LitterFree.ca (Litter Free Canada)
    • A free on-line hub for anyone interested in litter prevention and beautification of parks and other public areas.
  • NetWarden.ca (NetWarden)

    • Resource site for securing your computer system and links to information on current security issues. Something like an air raid warden however instead of protecting people from a threat of bombers overhead, helping people to protect their computers and networks from threats via the internet.
  • OpenDiscussion.ca (Open Discussion Canada)

    • Discussion Forum Board and Blog site. In Canada everything is pretty much open for discussion, from favourite pastimes to the controversial (sometimes one in the same) this is the site where to open the discussion.
  • OutrightClassifieds.com (Outright Classifieds)
    • Classifieds Site  – On-line non-commercial classified advertising.
  • OutrightBargans.com (Outright Bargains)
    • Classifieds site – Classified advertising for businesses. Are you running a business and having a sale, special or some other offer people would desire? Then post it at this site and make it easy for bargain hunters to find your sale, special or ‘bargain’.
  • ThunderBays.com (Thunder Bay’s • Com)
    • Links to popular websites in the Thunder Bay area.
      For now also part of the 807area.ca site, in the future it may become its own website.