April 2017 E-INVITE

Definitely Superior Art Gallery

Knight Of Infinite Resignation
Diane Landry
March 25 – May 6

Critically acclaimed International artist Diane Landry-[Quebec], blends the properties of light/shadow and sound, infused with elements of kinetic sculpture, electronics and ready-made pieces. Landry’s elegant and ominous installation evokesdeath and emptiness amid mesmeric continual motion. The forlorn installation juxtaposes a dearth of resources and humankind’s easy distraction by technological objects. Landry is one of Canada’s most prominent artists, holding an MFA from Stanford University California and has shown extensively throughout Canada and internationally. She has presented over 100 exhibitions/performances and is in collections worldwide. Show continues until Saturday May 6th.


Calling all Young Emerging Artists! Die Active is heating up, with a summer packed full of free art workshops for you. Join the FB page now and drop by at any of the workshops. All workshops are free & new members welcome, drop in style don’t sweat it if you are late. (for ages 14-30ish)
Workshop #1 Screen Printed street stickers and Summer planning! April 28 at defsup
Workshop #2  Sculpture and a live indoor Graffiti wall! May 10,11,12 at Defsup
click links for dtails!

Neechee Studio on the Land – Workshop #8
*Neechee Studio is for indigenous youth ages 13-30ish*
Workshop 8 on The Land we will be learning Copper Embossing!!
Fri May 5 at Fort William First Nation Community Centre
5:30-8:30pm in the Cultural Room and Outside (weather depending)
Lead by Artist Kathleen Baleja ~assisted by youth artists Annemarie Demerah & Bran Ande
Each Neechee Participant will learn how to create a frame Copper Embossing. Take home what you make! 🙂

Canadian Contemporary 16
Dr. Bob Chaudhuri Collection
March 25 – May 6

Sixteen national artists comprise this all new selection of groundbreaking and influential artworks from the Dr. Chaudhuri collection, in support of leading-edge contemporary art and providing public access to some of Canada’s dynamic art scene, for one of the largest exhibitions in Northwestern Ontario of Canadian contemporary artists. Featuring: painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, photography, glassworks and drawings by critically acclaimed Canadian artists, big on the international art scene and featured in major art magazines. Show continues until Saturday May 6th.

A Game Of Chess
Marcel Dzama
March 25 – May 6

Critically acclaimed International artist Marcel Dzama’s work is characterized by his intricate immediately recognizable visual language that draws from a diverse range of references and artistic influences, including Dada, Bauhaus and Marcel Duchamp. Dzama works in multiple disciplines to bring his cast of human figures, animals, and imaginary hybrids to life, and has developed an international reputation and following for his art that depicts fanciful, anachronistic worlds. In A Game of Chess, Dzama illustrates these juxtaposed methodologies that push the limits of art, culture and interaction in a unique style reminiscent of the Triadic Ballet of the 1920’s. Dzama has shown extensively throughout Canada and internationally his works are in collections and major museums and galleries worldwide. Show continues until Saturday May 6th.

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