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All text and no images makes for a dull read.

We prefer you include images via URL in your posts (hotlink) however if you don’t have the image available online, this form allows you to send images to the 807area admin/webmaster to include with your announcement/PSA. This form can also be used for other images such as an avatar for your profile or update/change any images you provided previously. More details at bottom of page.

Note: to save on our bandwidth and shorten upload/download time please make your images ‘web ready’ before uploading them to us. Web ready is making sure that the images are in GIF/PNG format for logos or illustrations or JPEG for photos and that they fit on a web page (not too big). The recommended resolution of web images images is 72 or 96 dpi.


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Image Upload Form Field Details

  • Image Type - is it an Avatar, Header, Illustration or Photo image? This determines how the uploaded image is to be handled.
    • Avatar - an image to be included in your user/member profile and used in 807area site. If you are going to include an avatar (which is highly recommended), it is best to have a an image that can be cropped/sized to a medium size and/or a small size square. A full sized avatar image is 150 x 150 @ 96 dpi, please make sure the image you send is not smaller.
    • Header - A 770px × 225px minimum image size for your header is recommended. The image does not have to be exactly 770px × 225px, the image may be sized/cropped to fit.
    • Photo - Usually very little modification to the uploaded image is needed. A JPEG image no bigger than 640px x 480px (480px x 640px if portrait) with a resolution of 72 or 96 dpi is recommended.
    • Illustration – Same as photo however GIF or PNG format is recommended. Max size 960px (image may be sized/cropped to fit if larger).
  • Special Instructions - Placement (if you want it in a certain spot within your post), Title of post to use the image in (if you have more than one post), whether you are replacing or adding to, etc.

Note: The following options are NOT used for Avatar type images. The fields describe below are optional however ‘Image Title’ and ‘Alt Text’ should be used.

  • Image Title – Give your image a title also displays when you ‘mouse over’ the image. (useful for the search engines).
  • Image Caption – Visible text to include with your photo (ex: who is in the photo or location of photo).
  • Alt Text (Alternative Text) – Text used in place of the image if the image can’t be displayed or viewed or a brief statement of what the image is. ex: ‘Photo of my dog Rex’ (also useful for the search engines)
  • Description – Yet more details you can add about the image (like a long version of ‘Alt Text’). Used more for managing your image library.