Terms Of Service

The administrator of the 807area website has gone great lengths to build and develop the site to be a ‘showcase’ of North Western Ontario. Because the site is representing businesses, organizations and service provides of the area, it is important that the site content is relevant and acceptable to the visitors and membership of the site.

To discourage unwanted behaviour and to expedite the removal of undesired content 807area.ca administrator may terminate user accounts and showcases (sites) at any time, without notice, for conduct that violates these guidelines or for any other reason the administrator finds applicable. As a member of 807area.ca, you agree not to do or participate in any of the following non-exclusive list of UNACCEPTABLE content and behaviours on 807area.ca:

  • Content that includes or contains links to nudity, pornography, foul language, or material that is obscene, lewd, lascivious, excessively violent, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Content that condones, promotes, contains, or links to warez, cracks, hacks, viruses, worms, harmful code, Trojan horses and/or their associated utilities, or other piracy-related information, whether for educational purposes or not.
  • Content that has been promoted through the sending of unsolicited email (spamming) or mail fraud schemes, or pages that promote or condone the sending of unsolicited email. Those who use 807area.ca’s resources, including e-mail addresses, for spam are also subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Content that commits acts of copyright, trademark, patent, trade name, trade secret or other intellectual property infringement or violates any other third party right.
  • Content that is racist, or otherwise offensive to the 807area.ca network and community, including content which aggravates, harasses, threatens, defames or abuses others, such as bigotry, prejudice, racism or hatred, and promotion, assistance, or information of any type related to violence against governments, groups, organizations, or individuals.
  • Content that exploits children under 18 years of age.
  • Content that holds 807area.ca up to public scorn or ridicule.
  • Content that contains, links to, or participates in pyramid schemes, gambling, raffles, lotteries, and so forth. Ontario Licensed lotteries/raffles with the licence number prominently shown are exempt. Contests/give-aways that require no purchases/money to enter and open to anyone are also allowed.
  • Content that posts or discloses personal identification information or private information of individuals under the age of 13 or in connection with materials directed toward individuals under the age of 13 without verifiable parental consent.
  • Content that provides, sells, or offers to sell the following: controlled substances, illegal drugs and drug contraband, bootleg alcohol, prohibited weapons, pirated materials, pornography or sexual products, programs to attack others, illegal goods, escort services, instructions on making, assembling, or obtaining illegal goods or weapons, information used to break copyright or trademark violations, to destroy others’ property, or to harm any people or cruelty to animals.
  • Content that takes part in, or allows any third party to take part in, the following: reverse engineering, reverse compiling or otherwise deriving the underlying source code or structure or sequence of the Technology; individual pass-working of user sites or pages; altering copyright notices and attributes (unless permitted in writing by the author/owner); and such practices.

To report violations of the above restrictions, please contact the site admin or ‘flag’ the offending content as inappropriate.

807area.ca does not actively monitor the content of user sites, but will investigate complaints of a violation of the 807area.ca content policy.