Do you have a public event or PSA message you wish to have here?

What is happening in your 807 area community? Let everyone know and send it to psa (at) 807area (dot) ca email. The administrator checks this email periodically and copy & paste it into the event/announcements posting. Because the administrator volunteers his time to do this, please make sure there is text of the event details in the email that can be copied & pasted. Make sure the text contains all the information for the event or PSA (Title, Description, When [Dates and start-end times] and Where).

You can save the administrator’s time and have your event/announcement posted quicker by posting it yourself and no registration/log-in required!

If you are going to have lots of Events/PSA in the future to post on our site, I recommend registering at 807area. Registration is free and gives you access to more cool features (ex: Calendar and Location Map).