This page is more of a hints and tips and resource page, for real help you can always contact the admin.

Using This Site:

It is no secret that this site is based on WordPress (you would be surprised just how many sites are and just hide the fact) and below will be some useful links for using a WordPress based site.

User Roles:

Different people use this site in different ways and have different levels of access. All access types (roles) are not listed here however the major ones that would be helpful to know are. You can always contact the Admin of the 807area site if you can’t access a feature you think you should. If you have a network site within our site your access level should be Administrator within that site only and you can set roles for users of your site:


A visitor can view posts however do not have access to modify, add, delete, or publish them. However a visitor can submit a simple text only announcement (post) using our Add New Announcement form. Want the ability to create and edit your announcements directly and access more tools (like formatted text and images)? Please register for a free membership.

Note: Because you can not edit any posts created from the Add New Announcement form, please make sure to proof your post before you submit it.

Subscriber (Default Registered User, also at 807area: Member and ‘Free Member’)

A subscriber can create/edit their posts however cannot publish them directly (this is to assure quality content on our site). When a subscriber creates a post, it will need to be submitted to a moderator / editor / administrator for review. Once a subscriber’s post is approved and published, it may no longer be edited by the subscriber (make sure it is ready before submitted).

Author (also at 807area: ‘Paid Member’)

An author can create/edit, publish and delete their posts and upload files/images. This is ideal for those that post frequently to the 807area announcements and/or don’t want to wait for moderator approval. Want the ability to publish your own 807area announcements? If a member in good standing you can contact the administrator to request ‘Author’ access level or upgrade to ‘Paid Member’.

Note: ‘Free’ and ‘Paid’ Network Members are required to have and maintain a network site, however ‘subscriber’ and ‘author’ do not. If you wish to have access to posting on the 807area site without a network site, please contact the administrator with your preferred user name, full name, address and phone number.


A contributor member can do all that an author can plus create/edit pages on 807area main site however cannot directly publish them nor edit others. When a contributor creates a page, it will need to be submitted to a moderator / editor / administrator for review before it can be published. On this site Contributor is about ‘contributing’ to the site not just the announcements (blog). ex: Allowing a user to create on your showcase/site without the risks of giving editor privileges.


An editor can view, edit, publish, and delete any posts/pages, moderate comments, manage categories, manage tags, manage links and upload files/images. If you have your own showcase/site within 807area or your own independent WordPress based site hosted by WebTerritory you can assign this level to a trusted user of your site without giving them administrator powers.


An administrator has full and complete ownership of a site, and can do absolutely everything. This person has complete power over posts/pages, comments, settings, theme choice, import, users – the whole enchilada. Nothing is off-limits, including deleting the entire network site. If you have your own network site within 807area or your own independent WordPress based site hosted by WebTerritory you would be at this level (not recommended to have anyone else at this level at your site). The ability to add/activate or deactivate/remove add-ons/plug-ins is disabled in all 807area network sites. Network Members can contact the 807area administrator if they require extra abilities for their site.

Posting Events/Announcements:

If you are not logged-in and/or using the ’Events Add New’, please answer/fill in as much as possible into the form fields. Please remember that posts from this form will be published as anonymous, you will not be able to edit any posts created from this form. Please make sure to proof your post before you submit it. Membership allows the ability to edit and publish your announcements/events directly and access more tools!

If you are logged-in and posting/editing in our 807area -> Events part of our site you will see an extra section called ‘Event datas’, below are some useful information on that. If your announcement is about an upcoming event that you want people to attend then you will really want to use the ‘Event datas’ section as it will help promote your event with tools that regular announcements don’t have (Calendar and Location Map).


Filling in the fields here activates the event system treating your announcement as an event (lists announcement in Calendar).

Map Flags:

Also you will notice some coloured radio buttons, this allows colouring the map flag of your event location. Please colour your event flag based on what type of group/audience the event is for (black is default if none is selected):

Category  -  Colour UsedCategory Description
Uncategorised  -  Black or Gray -  No targeted age group or no specific event category assigned (anyone).
Family  -  Violet  -  Events that are geared for the whole family to enjoy together.
Children  -  Green  -  Events for small children (ex: preschool).
Youth  -  Blue -  Events geared for youth (not children and not teen, in between).
Teen  -  Orange  -  Events that ‘teenagers’ (and maybe young adults) would enjoy most.
Seniors  –   White   -  Events for the ’55+’ public.
Age of Majority  -  Red  -  Events that are for the ‘drinking of alcohol age’ public.
Reserved  -  Pink  -  Events that are reserved for a certain group or participants.
Changed -  Yellow  – An event that will take place at the location however the day or time has been changed.
Cancelled - Yellow – An event that has been posted, however is no longer taking place there.

Note: If you are posting/editing in the Events part of our site (not using the ‘Events Add New’) you will notice I have added the map marker color to the category titles, also as a reminder.

(Places your event on our map)

Just below the Address field (which BTW you don’t need to fill in) there is a small ‘cross-hair’ target, click that and enter the event location name or address (no abbreviations) to search for location coordinates (ex: 123 Fake Street, City Name, Ontario or Some Place Name, City Name, Ontario). If the coordinates are found, the location will become a link (there may be more than one link if other possibilities exists), choose the location link that is correct. Doing this will place your event location in the Address field and supply coordinates to the map for others to locate where your event will be.