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A community hub with PSAs, Events, Sites and Links to other useful resourses.

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About Membership
Are you part of an organization or community group within North West Ontario region (the 807 area code) and/or even a commercial service that host events in our area often? Join Us! It is free. Want to know more about membership? Visit our ‘about membership‘ page.
Please contact us for more information on what this site can do for you or ask about our other sites and services we provide!

HOST1Extra, extra, read all about it! Recent posted events, PSAs, blogs from our site members (and non-members via our anonymous post). You can view events in our new Events area of our site dedicated to just events. Featuring calendar functions (if date/time provided) and/or mapping (if location provided). Do you think you have something that people want to know about? Any public event in the North West Ontario region (the 807 area code) can be posted as a guest here at our site.

ONSTAGE6News feeds, road conditions and weather reports are some of what can be found here (with links to their sources). Anything North West Ontario gathered in one place for your convenience. Is there a resource you want to be included? Please contact the site administrator.
DIRCHAIRNo longer availabe, please visit NWO.CA This is where local organizations, community groups, or other services from the North West Ontario region (the 807 area code) can show off their stuff, think of this as a virtual showcase they can customize to their own needs, look and feel.